National Virtual Institutes

Within the IRCCS Network of Neurosciences and Neurorehabilitation, the National Virtual Institutes are placed in a transversal way, giving the Network  the opportunity to create its own strong identity, to harmonize IRCCS  activities , to rationalize investments and resources, to build vast cohorts and to interact with international networks.

For the profiling of the different Virtual Institutes (Dementia, Movement Disorders, Rare Diseases, etc.), a survey was carried out in the first few months of 2019 using specific pathology questionnaires that allowed us to obtain a general picture of the available resources (human , infrastructural and technological) as well as the ability to attract resources.

The first Virtual Institute to be inaugurated is the one dedicated to Dementia, to which 16 IRCCS have adhered.

The organizational model, represented in the figure below, foresees a Coordinator, supported by an Advisory Board for the implementation of scientific strategies and by a Project Manager; a decision-making body (Board of Directors) and an operational body (Executive Committee); a group of Activity Referents, who constitute the working team identified by the Executive Council in the respective IRCCS and coordinated by the leaders of the Executive Committee for each specific activity (eg. clinical, neuropsychological, neuroradiology, nuclear medicine, neurophysiology, genetics, biochemistry, pre-clinical research, computer science/statistics).