IRCCS Associazione Oasi Maria SS. – ONLUS


IRCCS Associazione Oasi Maria SS. – ONLUS


Via Conte Ruggero, 73 – 94018 Troina (EN), Italy




Neurology and neuroscience - Intellectual Disabilities and senile cognitive impairment


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Dr. Raffaele Ferri

Oasi Maria SS Onlus, first incorporated in 1953 by Father Luigi Orazio Ferlauto (1922-2017), was acknoledged as “IRCCS” (Research Institute) for Intellectual Disabilities and Dementias, by the Ministry of Health and endorsed by the Ministry of Education in 1988.

Many awards have been obtained by the Oasi Research Institute over the years that is now Regional Reference Center for “Congenital Malformations, Chromosome Defects and Genetic Syndromes”, for “Rare Diseases of the Central and Peripheral Nervous System”, and for “Genodermatoses”; member of the “National Network for the Prevention, Surveillance, Diagnosis and Treatment of Rare Diseases”; “A” Hospital which provides health services under an accreditation regime with the National Health Service; Regional Reference Center for “Pathologies of High Specialization and High Social and Health Interest”, and “Classified” Hospital of regional interest.

Moreover, since 1996, the Oasi Research Institute is “WHO Collaborative Center for Research and Training in Neuroscience”, as well as an associate member of “Rehabilitation International”.

Oasi Research Institute is a member of the “Italian Health Network of the Developmental Age” (IDEA) and of the “IRCCS Network of Neuroscience and Neurorehabilitation”. Oasi Research Institute boasts extensive partnerships with national and international universities and research institutes.

The area of ​​activity of the IRCCS is Neurosciences. Health services include outpatient activities, acute care, rehabilitation and daycare, for a total of 352 beds. Every year, approximately 5,500 admissions are made, 2,000 day-hospital and 70,000 outpatient services.

The research activity, aimed at the direct and rapid transferability of the results to the daily clinical management of the person with disabilities, is carried out through research programs supported by the Ministry of Health and with research projects specifically approved and funded from the Ministry of Health or from other organizations or bodies.

The scientific output of the Oasi Research Institute can be viewed at: