IRCCS Centro Neurolesi Bonino Pulejo


IRCCS Centro Neurolesi Bonino Pulejo


Via Palermo S.S. 113 C.da Casazza, 98124 Messina - Italy




Treatment and rehabilitation of severe acquired brain injuries


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Placido Bramanti

The IRCCS “Bonino Pulejo” Center is a Public of Care and Research (recognized by Ministerial Decree of 04.03.2006) with 294 beds including 94 acute beds, 156 for rehabilitation in ordinary hospitalization and 40 for SUAP, 4 for subjects suffering from Hansen’s disease, also it is classified DEA of I level. In the recognition area, it carries out highly specialized rehabilitation and election activities, in which the type of patients (code 28-56-75) are the Serious Acquired Cerebrolesions, Intensive Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation, Vegetative States and Minimally Conscious State.

Recently the institute has opened: a) “Multiple Sclerosis” Clinical Research Departments in collaboration with AISM; b) Parkinson’s Diseases Department; c) Rare Diseases Department; d) Post-Stroke Rehabilitation Department.

The “Bonino Pulejo” is a regional reference center for rehabilitation for patients multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, severe acquired brain injuries and stroke. The structure is an integral part of the regional networks of polytrauma and rare diseases.

Research activity is divided into three clusters of research “Neurorehabilitation – Clinical and Instrumental Neurophysiology” – “Clinical Neuroscience – Neuro-bioimaging” – “Neuroimmunology – Experimental Neurology – Molecular Biology” The clusters are characterized by the application of robotic and virtual reality systems in rehabilitation; by the use of 3T Magnetic Resonance and special techniques applied in resonance; and by Laboratory of Experimental Neurology, Genetics and Neuroimmunology.

CAREN, the only system available in Italy, is a system for motor and cognitive rehabilitation through the use of a complex immersive virtual reality. Another sector that characterizes the activity of the “Bonino Pulejo” Center is telemedicine applied to the Teleneuroriabilitation, to the Telepathology and to the Tele-home care. In this context, the Institute is coordinator of the National network of IRCCS for the Teleneuroriabilitation, coordinator of the “Sicilian Network of Teleneuroriabilitation in the Stroke and of the Regional Network of Telepathology”. The Institute has also joined the IRCCS National Networks for Neuroimaging and Genomics. Finally, the Institute is the promoter of the Regional Network Project for Psychomotor Rehabilitation in Sicily, with the aim of creating, through the “Hub-Spoke” model the Regional Rehabilitation Network.