IRCCS Ospedale San Camillo S.r.l. – Società Unipersonale


IRCCS Ospedale San Camillo S.r.l. – Società Unipersonale


Via Alberoni, 70 - 30126 Venice, Italy




Motor, communication and behavioral neurorehabilitation


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Prof. Pierfranco Conte

The San Camillo Hospital in Venice is a health care facility with 115 beds, mainly focused on the neurorehabilitation, i.e. the rehabilitation treatment of acute neurological diseases (stroke, head trauma, spinal cord injuries, etc …) and chronic diseases (multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathy and dementia).

75 beds are dedicated to intensive neurological rehabilitation, 40 beds are dedicated to the highly specialized unit for the rehabilitation of neuropsychological acquired disorders. All departments are equipped to meet the needs of patients with serious disabilities.

The San Camillo Hospital in 2005 has received the recognition, by the Ministry of Health, of Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Health Care (IRCCS) specialized in the discipline of “motor, communication and behavioral neurorehabilitation”. IRCCS qualification requires, beyond the excellence in the assistance activity, a strong commitment to the activity of translational research in all the scopes of rehabilitation. The goal is to provide the National Healthcare Service the evidence concerning the effectiveness of the application of preferably innovative tools and interventions. Such data are also functional to drafting guidelines for the treatment of motor and cognitive impairments related to neurologic diseases, in which San Camillo Hospital in Venice has always been committed and distinguished. This activity actually takes place along 5 main directions, studying the neurobiological assumptions of functional recovery, clinical neurophysiology, telemedicine, psychological and behavioral rehabilitation, innovative technologies. The research is carried out within a collaborative network that includes many prestigious international institutions and academic centers, foundations, hospitals, and other institutions.