Fondazione IRCCS Don Carlo Gnocchi ONLUS


Fondazione IRCCS Don Carlo Gnocchi ONLUS


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Rehabilitation medicine


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Maria Chiara Carrozza

The Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation, ONLUS (FDG) is a non-profit, private foundation, established in 1952 for the care of severely wounded children victims of the War. Over seventy years, FDG has continued to provide solutions, often innovative and experimental, to the emerging needs of those whose status is most fragile. Services are accredited through the National Health Service, in 28 centers distributed over 9 Italian regions.

Recognized as an Institution of Hospitalization and Scientific Care (It. IRCCS) in 1991 by the Italian Ministry of Health, FDG now employs nearly 5,000 people and a great variety of health services are provided meeting a diversified array of needs: scientific, healthcare, welfare, and educational.

IRCCS pursue, according to standards of excellence, prevalently translational research in biomedicine and in biomedical technology, and in the organization and management of health services, while providing highly specialized inpatient and treatment services. Our research hospitals in Milan and Florence have jointly over 309 accredited inpatient beds for high specialty rehabilitation and personal assistance. In connection with many universities and national and international organizations, the FDG IRCCS have specializations in sectors of bio-medicine, biotechnology and clinical experimentation to discover new methods and new technologies for rehabilitation and reducing disability conditions.

Research, with its vast spin-off applications, is constantly inter-related with clinical and care activities. Extensive facilities improvement, an increase in human resources, and the acquisition of new equipment and robotics went along with the Foundation’s development in its various fields of neurorehabilitation activity.