The network’s Projects

The programmes of the Italian Neuroscience and Rehabilitation Network focus on the development of technological platforms and research projects able to support excellence in diagnostic, treatment and continuity-of-care processes. Genomics, proteomics and neuroimaging are the priority areas, as these disciplines are fundamental for achieving early diagnosis, characterisation and endophenotype-based stratification of patients, and identification of risk factors and treatment response markers, with the ultimate aim of developing a personalised, precision medicine approach to the patient.

An equally important part of the Network’s activity is geared at creating an integrated network of “IRCCS” institutes in order to promote remote delivery of specific motor and cognitive neurorehabilitation treatments, in such a way that healthcare provision need no longer be concentrated in hospitals, but made available in local settings; this means easier access to personalised services and continuity of care for patients, quantitative monitoring of outcomes, and the development of common clinical and research pathways.

Significant structural investments have been possible thanks to capital funding of the Network; in the fields of neuroimaging and teleneurorehabilitation, two network projects , driven by the principles of innovation, integration and the complementarity of “IRCCS” organisations, have recently been launched in order to promote further growth of the system. They are giving important scientific and clinical results, which can only enhance the quality of the services provided to the national health service and increase the competitiveness of IRCCS healthcare research, both nationally and internationally.

More detailed information can be found on the pages Genomics, Teleneurorehabilitation and Neuroimaging.

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